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I currently write services in .NET for corporate clients. In the past I've published packaged products, including Arabian Themes, which was an Arabic conversion of "Windows 95 Plus!"

I started writing software in the mid 80's, beginning with BBC Basic and then Commodore 64 games, including these:

|game cover for Better Dead Than Alien

Better Dead Than Alien #

Brad Zoom takes on the Brain Eaters from the Purple Planet, in this homage to vintage action games, primarily Galaxians. There are 75 levels, accessed via passcodes.
You control a spaceship at the bottom of the screen facing upwards, firing at arrangements of aliens. You can move up and down as well as left and right as you shoot them.
At set intervals an alien will emerge from the main pack and sweep down towards you. Other levels feature Asteroids which split when shot, or a single ‘boss’ alien.
Aliens with green eyeballs release power-ups, such as improved weapons, shields and bombs.
You have a single life with which to survive the carnage. You get points for surviving as well as scoring, so slow but cautious play is more rewarding.

Call Me Psycho game cover

Call Me Psycho #

Professor Hans de Jaberwocky is holding the world to ransom, either give him £100,000,000, twenty BMX Bikes and a bucket of shiny pebbles (his favourite food) or he will activate seven Doomsday Devices which will wipe out the unprotected human race and turn them into gunge.
It is up to S1021/K0987 (nickname Psycho), a Mega-Battle Droid, to find all seven devices over seven levels and destroy their power supply.
Call Me Psycho is a side view flick screen run 'n gun shooter with some platform elements where you control Psycho and you must get from the left of each level to the right searching for each Doomsday Device.
As you move through each level their are various enemies with various weapons that will try to stop you and you must avoid or shoot them with one of four types of weapons, a pistol, bazooka, M-16 or a Flamethrower, each with limited ammo.
You start with just the pistol but the other weapons can be collected on the way as well as ammo for each weapon. There are also various obstacles like rockets, tanks and planes that cannot be touched and platforms and barrels are used to jump over them.
If you touch an obstacle, or are shot or touched by the enemy then you lose part of a energy gauge and when it runs out then you lose one of three lives but there is food that can be collected to top the gauge up.
Once you find a device then you must shoot the power supply to switch it off and then you find a submarine to take you to the next level. If you reach the submarine without switching of the power supply then you have to start the level again.

Space Relief game cover

Space Relief #

Castaway in the Tessican federation system, you have managed to hijack a Star Five Tessican Gunfighter
You must guide the ship through the shadow world of the Tessican system flying over many different landscapes and fighting off hoards of the local top guns.

Space Relief game image
Space Relief

Galaxia 7 #

Released in 1988. A mixture of a platformer and a flying jetpack shoot'em up in which the player has to collect four objects on each planet and then land on the surface to complete the game.

Galaxia 7 game image
Galaxia 7 game image

Thunder Hawk #

Another vertical shoot'em up. Someone with much more patience than me played it all the way through for a YouTube video
Thunder Hawk game image
Thunder Hawk game image

Zone Z #

Yet another shoot'em up!
Zone Z game image
Zone Z game image